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The drug sandhi sudha is a natural ayurvedic newly invented drug made from a combination of effective rare herbs that gives relief to painful joints and muscles. It can be externally applied to all parts of the body .It has no dangerous chemicals because it has been manufactured naturally,it can be applied at any time of the day and can be used by both children and adults.


This therefore implies that it is a safe drug for use.

sandhi sudha can be used for sinus infections which are brought about by a virus or bacteria .The sinuses, where the sinus infections occur, are small air filled cavities and are located behind the cheekbones and forehead, when infected they produce symptoms like fever,blocked nose ,runny nose and facial pain or tenderness.


Sinus pain can come in different forms like pain in the tooth,cavity or headache.To ease the pain sandhi sudha oil can be used and applied to the areas that are in pain.The oil is meant to be taken externally and at least two teaspoons of the oil can be placed in a bowl or even in the palm of the hands.Fingers should be used to apply the oil to the infected area and massaged gently.



The oil can be applied frequently depending on the severity of the pain and should be applied two hours before bathing or two hours after bathing.The sandhi sudha oil can also be used in cases of joint stiffness,muscle pain,swellings,arthritis,aching tissues,shoulder pains and many other painful conditions.


The sandhi sudha herbal oil is effective because it reaches the dry areas of the muscle and penetrates the layers of skin and outer tissues with the effect of increasing the blood flow therefore producing 'synovial'. It provides a soothing effect on the nerves by regenerating the damaged tissues .When massaged regularly,the oil will provide sufficient supply of the body fluid to agonized body parts therefore keeping them healthy and pain-free.  


Advantages of sandhi sudha:


1.It is usually packaged in various sizes with the aim of targeting people of the different financial classes and this therefore makes it affordable.

2.There is no side effect that is associated with the use of Sandhi Sudha  therefore, it can


be used by people of all ages.

3.Each Ingredient contained in it has exceptional qualities and strength and can provide fast and long-lasting relief in cases of joints and muscle pains. 



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